Welcome. When I'm not busy with my day job focused on improving health in low income countries, I enjoy photographing biodiversity hotspots.

I donate my photos for conservation and development. Wildscreen Exchange is a charity providing conservation agencies access to many of my photos for campaigning and educating: Greg S. Garrett at WildscreenExchange.

My shots have been featured by BBC Wildlife Magazine, British Wildlife Photography Awards, Natural World, African Wildlife Foundation, Marine Conservation Society, Wildcoast, CITES, Ocean Conservancy, The Ocean Agency, The Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, The Reef-World Foundation and others for marketing and fundraising.

Click here for a Nov 2018 presentation on my conservation activities given to Rotary in Geneva, Switzerland.

Lastly, I maintain a photo blog which looks at the intersection of conservation and food security, here, and share select photos on food systems on this site for free.

If you’re interested in photos for publication, you can contact me via this website.

Greg S. Garrett
GSGarrett Images

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gsgarrett

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gsgarrettimages/